Zoloft Weight Loss Diet

How to Lose Weight While Taking Antidepressants However, my doctor prescribed me Zoloft today to treat my anxiety, and even though I addressed the issue of weight gain with her and she told me that I would need to watch my carbs and exercise consistently, I am quite worried about gaining back the weight I’ve lost (almost 20 lbs).

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Prevalence. Weight loss is a common side effect of Zoloft, affecting children and adolescents more frequently than adults, who need close monitoring when taking this drug. According to eMedTV, 7 percent of children taking Zoloft experienced weight loss of greater than 7 percent of their body weight.

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Because Zoloft can hamper weight loss, consider trying a calorie-restricted diet or a low-carb, low-calorie diet to manage blood sugar and help your body give up extra weight. A regular exercise program, such as high-intensity interval training three to five times per week, can help you burn calories, lose weight or maintain weight loss, and provide mental health benefits.

Weight Loss Exante Diet Losing Weight Yo Yo Dieting The trouble is our tendency to see weight loss as a goal unto itself, instead of understanding that the goal
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